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Luxury Jewellery Subscription for women | L'atelier Fées Florales
Luxury Jewellery Subscription for women | L'atelier Fées Florales

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L' ATELIER FÉES FLORALES delivers authentic, handmade, luxury jewellery straight to your doorstep! Every piece is unique and made of 24K Gold embellished with precious gems, our signature 24K Gold leaf, Natural foliage & flowers. Every 3 months, a personal concierge delivers to your doorstep, a piece of jewellery along with a certificate of authenticity and an exclusive limited edition authentic art print, hand-signed by the artist. 

L'ATELIER FÉES FLORALES captures miniature floral landscapes beneath fine layers of the highest quality resin. The delicate scenes are meticulously arranged by the artist Kavya KAPA, using personally and responsibly foraged fungi, foliage, natural and wild flowers. Kavya expertly preserves the specimens over several weeks to retain their colour and tiny intriguing details. They sit alongside a whimsical sprinkling of our atelier's signature 24k gold leaf, which is inspired by fairy dust. The creative journey to make each piece is a long multi-stage process, requiring weeks of expertise and Kavya’s unique skills to achieve a truly bespoke and distinctive piece of wearable art. Each necklace is made by hand using the highest quality resin and native French flowers enrobed in a sumptuous 24k gold frame. A sparkling handmade 24k gold chain completes each piece of wearable art.

 This is a very exclusive VIP only club.  In order to ensure the highest quality, only 69 positions are available. Price: 9 000 € / Quarter

(Only 52 positions left)

'magic pixie' Limited edition collection

Limited edition handmade Jewellery

'Pixie wish' necklace

Limited edition handmade Jewellery

'love blossom' necklace

Limited edition handmade Jewellery

'pixie memories' necklace

Jewellery care instructions will be provided along with the jewellery after purchase.

'magic pixie' haute couture collection

'Pixie Dust'

'Pixie dust'

'Magic Pixie'

'Magic Pixie'

'Star Pixie'

'star Pixie'

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Founder and Creative Director


Kavya KAPA

Kavya KAPA is a stylist, fashion and textile designer (luxury, haute-couture) with an impressive CV. Trained at the best private universities of ultra luxury dedicated to Haute couture in Paris and worked at CHANEL, Paris Fashion Week, Sarah Radulescu, Rahul Mishra, Manish Arora, etc., she broadened her skill-set to include fashion Illustrator and Jewellery designer. Her work is focused around flowers and nature, weaving these elements into unique pieces of art. You can follow her journey on Instagram @Kavyakapa.


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Wedding & Bespoke designs

Custom Jewellery | L'atelier Fées Florales

Would you like to preserve precious flowers from a wedding, birthdays or any special occasions?  Would you like a special piece of jewellery made with flowers hand-picked by you, for yourself or for loved ones? Would you like to choose your favourite diamonds and gems? Explore the possibility of collaborating with us! Please contact us with the details.

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Luxury Jewellery Subscription for women | L'atelier Fées Florales

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